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Episode 40
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What is it all about... well batteries of course

What is a battery?

A container consisting of one or more cells, in which chemical energy is converted into electricity and used as a source of power

The Hosts

Two guys who like batteries

The Shows

Get your juice of batteries and stay fully charge

in no more than 35 minutes (we keep the podcast under 35 minutes)

Episode 40 -
Pandora's Glove Box

Jeff and Mike attempt to get a handle on the myriad of options in the heated glove market.

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Episode 39 - Electric Winter

As cooler weather depends upon New England, Mike and Jeff give an overview of a product segment they recently discovered that they believe you'll be hot for. Layering up for future episodes.Powered by Next Episode

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Episode 38
Battery Day Commentary

Mike and Jeff react to Tesla's Battery Day announcements.Mike and Jeff react to Tesla's Battery Day announcements.

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Episode 37 Chi-Chi-USB? (or is that Qi-Qi-USB?)

Jeff fills Mike in on the latest with his battery case builds and other purchases. They discuss some UPS options for Jeff's internet setup.

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Episode 36
All Charged Up

Jeff and Mike expand upon a recent Twitter thread to dive into "chargers" and break down what they are and the many different types of chargers that are around. #NotACarShow

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Episode 35 - Adventures in Battery Pack Land

Jeff discusses the current status of his recent battery pack parts acquisitions. Mike updates us on his shed.

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Episode 34
Will You Be Our (Rock) Pals?

Jeff and Mike host Lily and Mia from ROCKPALS who tell us about their battery (and non-battery) powered products for outdoor enthusiasts!

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Episode 33 - Go Big or Go Home

Do you like bigger batteries?

Mike and Jeff review 4 different power stations that are greater than 2000 Watt hours.

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Episode 32 - Jeff Goes Shopping

Jeff shares his recent battery container shopping experiences with Mike; and why you won't hear about it for quite some time.

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Episode 31 - Dave Nanian Part 2

Part 2 of our discussion with Dave Nanian as we cover some specific differences in user experience between the Model S and the Taycan. Also, charging infrastructure and the future.

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Episode 31 - Dave Nanian Part 1

Jeff and Mike host special guest Dave Nanian of Shirt Pocket software as Dave shares his electric vehicle story. We talk about Tesla Model S, BMW i3 and Porsche Taycan.

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Episode 29 - Portable Power Stations

Mike and Jeff break down a handful of 500 Watt portable power stations, discussing features and options and which one might be the best for you.

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Episode 28 - Finding your Qi

Jeff and Mike close the gap on inductive charging.

We break down the history of the Qi charger

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Episode 27 - Battery Recovery Mode

Jeff had some non-charging rechargeable batteries, buys some toys to diagnose the issues and has a surprising result. Mike changes a car battery.

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Episode 26

Jeff and Mike discuss current battery events (pun intended).

They are out of this world (although in the same solar system)

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Episode 25

Mike and Jeff review a number of battery packs and talk about price per milliamp-hour (among other things).

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Episode 24

The 18650 battery is in more places than you know. Jeff and Mike explore this popular lithium-ion cell.

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Episode 23

Mike and Jeff talk about inverters and how they relate to batteries.

Do you have the correct rating or is there too much noise in your signal?

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Episode 22

Have you ever wondered what light temperature was ideal for when you're eating breakfast? Mike and Jeff didn't know this was a thing until this episode.

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Episode 21

Special guest Gregory Adams from Nature's Generator joins Mike and Jeff to discuss their line of solar and wind powered generator/portable power centers.

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Episode 20

Mike and Jeff speak with Charlie Blair, Co-Founder and General Manager at Gravitricity, a novel energy storage solution company. All the way from Edinburgh!

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Episode 19

Mike and Jeff explore things surrounding charging items in your car, and alternate between calling it an outlet and a socket. Which is your preference?

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Episode 18

Mike and Jeff speak with Shaun Pirie, Product Design Manager with Deciwatt about their unique approach to product design and the sometimes extreme constraints under which their products must perform.

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Shaun Pirie with

The NowLight

Episode 17

Mike and Jeff with some follow-ups to last week's episode. Batteries in the news. Battery powered lawn equipment and why Jeff needs to go shopping.

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Episode 16

Gravity Powered Batteries?

Mike and Jeff get weighed down with the notion of the gravity battery and discuss their potential. Also, a brief batteries in the news segment. Plus a Gravity Light?

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Episode 15

Batteries in the News. Mike has a vision, about a shed. We dedicate some air to battery powered cooling devices.

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Episode 14

Mike and Jeff chat about eBikes and muse about what Tesla might be announcing next week.

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Episode 13

Jeff and Mike offer up suggestions for how to properly dispose of your spent batteries, and they discover the Oxford Electric Bell.

Also, batteries in the news.

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Episode 12

Mike and Jeff dig into Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and why you might want to consider getting one if you don't already own one.

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Episode 11

Our apologies for a technical issue that resulted in us losing our recording for this week. We'll be back next week with a full show.

We dug into the following articles:

Solid State Batteries; Best Portable Chargers/Power BanksSolar Energy System uses Aluminum to Store EnergyThanks for your patience.

Send us questions at:

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Episode 10

Jeff and Mike continue their discussion of electric vehicles (EVs) and dig into lithium mining.

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Episode 9

Mike and Jeff scratch the surface of battery-powered vehicles; including a little bit of history.

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Episode 8

Goal Zero Part 2

We finish our talk with Bill Harmon

General Manager of Goal Zero

about the future of batteries and Goal Zero products to come.

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Episode 7

Goal Zero Part 1

We talk with Bill Harmon

General Manager of Goal Zero

about the company, batteries

and other fun stuff like bikes

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Episode 6

Don't be the one to close the Loop

Good safety Tips

Types of Chargers; USB 2; USB C

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Episode 5

Jeff Goes Skiing

How Many Newtons in a Fig Newton

We talk the physics of Power

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Episode 4

Giggy Watts

What is a Watt Hour?

We also talk Gigawatts?

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Episode 3

Try to Contain Yourself

Jeff replaces his car battery

Mike and Jeff Talk A;AA;AA

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Episode 2

Set your VCR!

We talk Ohms Law

Volts; Current and Ohms

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Episode 1

Thank you Ben Franklin

The history of the battery... and more!

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